Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 1/2 birthday!

We celebrated Keaton's half birthday on March 2nd.  He is officially 18 months old and the cutest toddler if I do say so myself.  Although we have ventured into the "throw a tantrum if mommy says no" stage.  I'm not sure where he learned it but I think this may be the dreaded terrible twos that everyone talks about.  If this isn't the start then I don't even want to know what year two has in store for us!  All of his sweet laughs, and mumbley words make up for all of the crying.  Oh yeah, and when he grabs my neck and gives me the biggest hug, I love those moments.

I know you want the play by play how blowing out the candle here you go!

Not so sure what mommy is doing here...

Do you know how hard it is to tell an 18 month old to blow out the candle without actually blowing it out yourself?!  Try someday and you will see!'s out!  We clapped after he blew it out and I think he liked the clapping part more than actually blowing the candle out.  I broke up the cookie for him to eat but he only took one bite and wasn't interested in the rest.  We've never really given Keaton cookies or junk food so he definitely doesn't have a sweet tooth and most of the time doesn't even know sweets exist.  Drew and I tend to have our junk food splurge at night after Keaton goes to bed.  He has had the occasional weekend cinnamon role, but other than that he hasn't really been introduced to much.  Keep eating those fruits and veggies buddy!

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