Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Painting party!

My friend Angie had a "girls night in" party and it was so fun!  It was put on by one of Angie's friends that started a business called The Modern Social.  It is sort of like those Wine and Canvas places that are popping up around town. Click here for her Facebook page.  We each got our own canvas and off we went.  The instructor would generally tell us what colors to use in different area's but she was great at letting everyone go with their own style.  I had so much fun with everyone!

We started with the black paint and made the outline of the bridge and buildings.

This is Kate working her magic!

I had such a fun time and would definitely do this type of party again!  I'm definitely not the best artist, but with a few adult beverages in the mix, I did pretty decent!  We aren't going to be hanging this picture in our living room, but it may go in Keaton's playroom when we working on that space in our house.

Professional on the left, mine on the right!

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