Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest room updates

We are busy trying to finish a few projects before the baby gets here!  We wanted to make our guest room a little more functional since we know we will be having guests more frequently.  I also wanted a space to be able to do my fun projects that was all mine.  Drew has his area in the garage and most of the time I was in the kitchen, but we put in a fun space in the guest room that is all mine!!

Here is the before shot of the guest room.  The yellow paint was in EVERY room in this house when we moved in.  Drew has painted all the rooms except for the master bathroom.  Everything looks so much better when it is not just one blah color!

We decided to go with neutral white walls because I wanted to be able to use bright fun pictures and furnishings and I wanted the bright colors to stand out.   Below is the picture of the newly painted walls and a shot of the little nook that is in the room.  We decided it would be a great place to build a desk and some shelves so I could have that area to do projects!

I have been seeing all of these fun chalkboard painted walls lately so I decided to get in on the trend!  My handy husband went to work painting  a chalkboard wall and building me shelves and a desk. The cool part about the chalkboard wall is that you can't see it when you walk into the room. You have to be sitting a the desk to see it, so it doesn't stand out as a big black wall in a white room.

Now for the big reveal...I LOVE it so much!!!  It is such a functional space, where before it was just wasted space.  Of course, now I have to do some more shopping for accessories and baskets to fill the area!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crib update

We have bedding!!  I love how the colors make everything pop!  It is so cute!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We took our last trip to California as a family of two! It is so weird to think that we will have a baby the next time we go to visit friends and family.  Crazy!!  We did a really quick trip this time and got to see a ton of friends and family in such a short time.  We started off on Thursday and Drew went golfing with my Uncle Dave.  I spent the day with my mom and my cousin Terra-Lynn and we went to visit my Nana and Aunt Barbara.  Below is a beautiful shot of the golf course Drew played.

On Friday we just relaxed by the pool and it was so nice!  My mom had a baby shower for us on Saturday and of course it was decorated AMAZINGLY!!!! She is so talented and really should be a party planner!

The theme of his nursery is cars and we have the cutest fabric for the crib and curtains!  Below is a picture of the mobile that will hang over his crib.  It is made with a bike tire and has fabric cars hanging down.  My mom made this!!  Behind the mobile hanging on the mirror is a cute wreath to hang on our hospital door when he arrives.

This picture is of the cornice/valance that will hang over the window in his room.  It is made of burlap and my mom cut the cars out of the fabric we are using and made it into a road.  She is so creative!!!

The room all decorated!

This is three generations of hands! Mine, my mom and my Nana.

My aunt Barbara and I before the guests arrived!

Me and my best friend from high school, Amy!

My Nana crocheted so many cute outfits for our little boy.  One of my favorites were the owl hats she made for him!

My Nana also made a few sleep sacks!  I am so happy that he will have something hand made from his Great Grandma!!

His first golf outfit! Drew is excited!

Terra-Lynn and I

On Sunday we headed to my Dad's house to hang out with him and my step family. We had a great time BBQing and catching up with them. My dad and I even compared our bellies!!! haha!  We stayed the night at my Dad's and then caught our plane home on Monday. It was a whirlwind trip, but it was so much fun.  I can't wait for all my family and friends to meet our new baby in 11 weeks!  Now we just have to agree on a name for this little guy....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Week 27

Wow, only 3 months to go!!!

This picture is a little dark, but you can still see the baby bump!