Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Light fixture

We knew we wanted something fun for the light in the baby room.  We found this awesome candle holder and Drew worked his magic and turned it into a light fixture!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby's room

My mom came for a visit and we got so much done with the baby's room.  We spent one day shopping with Drew's mom, Barb, and we got so much ordered for the room.  We are so grateful to have such excited new Grandma's!!  Thanks to my mom and Barb for making this baby's room so amazing!!

Drew spent the weekend painting and it looks so good!!  Here are some progress pictures. The colors are teal, gray and orange and the fabric will have cars on it.  I love everything!!! 

Getting started on beadboard

The ceiling is teal!!

Ceiling done, now to start on the gray!

Looks like he is having fun...haha!

Painting done!!  It looks awesome!

Crib, bookcase and fabric! 
The room is coming together so well! My next post will be on the unique light fixture we created!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tubac, Arizona

We were so excited to be invited to my friend Megan's wedding at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa in Arizona!  It was so nice to see some old college friends and catch up. It is so funny that most of them now have kids and our conversations revolved around parenting tips and suggestions.  Our lives have changed so much since the good old college days and I'm glad that each one of these friends are happy!

Traveling to AZ was a little bit hectic!  Drew's brother Brad is a pilot, so we used his guest passes (which basically saved us the price of one ticket). The problem with using the guest passes is that we are flying standby and only get a seat if there is room on the plane.  We checked the flight leaving Indy going to Phoenix and saw that there were no open seats that morning!  We quickly changed our plans and drove to Cincinnati (which is about a 2 hour drive) to get on a flight that had plenty of seats open.  The flights from Cincinnati are not direct so we flew to Charlotte, North Carolina and then to Phoenix.  After arriving in Phoenix we then drove 2 hours to the resort. 

After a long day of travel on Thursday we arrived safely and headed out to the rehearsal dinner.  Megan was so nice to invite all out of town guests to the dinner.  It was at a cute little bistro in the artist town of Tubac. 

Jill and I at the rehearsal dinner

Friday morning we woke up and headed to breakfast.  The restaurant that was on the resort had huge windows overlooking the golf course and we saw steer and cows wandering right by the greens!

After breakfast we headed right to the pool! Friday night was the wedding and Megan looked stunning!  The ceremony was at the chapel on the resort and the building was amazing.  Old wood doors and Spanish style architecture.  Beautiful!

Megan and her dad walking down the isle

Lauren and Matt

Drew and I standing outside the chapel
The cocktail hour and reception were outside overlooking the golf course.  The atmosphere was so fun and decorations were so cute!!  It was nice to see mountains in the distance instead of the flat land of Indiana!

Jenn, Lauren, Teresa, Angela and me!

Me and Lauren

Drew and I with the mountains in the distance!

Best reception food ever!  Fajita bar and enchiladas...yummy!

Angela and got a little chilly at night

Jill, me and the BRIDE!

All the Theta's on the dance floor

I need to keep dancing so this baby boy will have some rhythm
 We had such a great weekend and are excited to travel as much as possible before this baby comes into our lives!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's a BOY!!

I am a little behind on posting week 18 because we were on vacation last week!  We went to Tubac, Arizona for my friend Megan's wedding.  It was such a fun weekend and great to see some old friends.  Other than being really tired on my first day back to work, traveling while pregnant was uneventful!  I made sure to have a few snacks for the plane ride just in case!

We had an ultrasound last week and found out that it's a BOY!  He is going to be the most stylish boy on the block.  We are so excited to have a son and I can't wait to see what a mother/son relationship is like!