Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding week!

The week leading up to the big day was so fun!  I was lucky enough to have two of my bridesmaids come in early to help me with all the last minute details.  Jill and Amy (aka...Jamie) did more for me then I could have asked for! They dropped everything to make sure that I wasn't stressed at all and they were such lifesavers!!
Jill & Amy = the duo - Jamie

Friday morning we had a bridesmaids lunch and then had time to go back to the hotel to relax before the rehearsal dinner. 

The rehearsal dinner was so fun! We have to thank Drew's parents for putting on a great dinner at the Milano Inn! You can see the fun centerpieces, that Drew's mom put together with green candles and corks in the vase.  She new that we were using a wine theme and that the colors for the wedding were green!  What a thoughtful touch!  I am so lucky to have them as inlaws!!

The rest of the below pictures are from the rehearsal dinner!

Spring Bridal Shower

My bridesmaids, Leslie and Mindy, threw an awesome bridal shower!  They are both such creative people and Leslie is one of the best bakers I know.  Just check out the FABULOUS cake she made for me!

It was the spring time so the theme was birds and fun spring colors.  One of my great friends who lives in Oklahoma and couldn't make it sent me the cutest wreath to put on my door.  Thanks Celena!

For the favors, Leslie made these fabric birds and they were a hit! Everyone loved them!!
Overall it was such a great day with good friends and family! 

2011...busy start to the year

2011 has been very busy!  We started out the year planning our wedding which happened 5.21.2011.  My mom made a visit and we worked hard at making all the details come together for the big day!  Here we are gluing fabric balls, creating the rock candy chandelier and trying out different set-ups for the candy bar. are the after shots of everything at the wedding!  I'd say our hard work paid off!

I hope you aren't going to get sick of all the wedding posts I am going be writing!

Not the first (or the best) blogger on the block

Lately, my world has been taken over with blogs! I am obsessed with DIY (do-it-yourself) home project blogs, blogs on recipes, and of course my friends that have blogs. (shout out to McCord Alliance and The Kline's Little Keeper!)  The blogging world is endless!  I hope to make a little dent in this world and keep my friends and family updated on what Drew and I are up to in the city of Indianapolis.  I'm not the first blogger on the block and I'm not Jenny from the block (you  know you were singing that song when you read the title of this post), but I am excited to share our moments with you!

Aloha from Hawaii