Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding week!

The week leading up to the big day was so fun!  I was lucky enough to have two of my bridesmaids come in early to help me with all the last minute details.  Jill and Amy (aka...Jamie) did more for me then I could have asked for! They dropped everything to make sure that I wasn't stressed at all and they were such lifesavers!!
Jill & Amy = the duo - Jamie

Friday morning we had a bridesmaids lunch and then had time to go back to the hotel to relax before the rehearsal dinner. 

The rehearsal dinner was so fun! We have to thank Drew's parents for putting on a great dinner at the Milano Inn! You can see the fun centerpieces, that Drew's mom put together with green candles and corks in the vase.  She new that we were using a wine theme and that the colors for the wedding were green!  What a thoughtful touch!  I am so lucky to have them as inlaws!!

The rest of the below pictures are from the rehearsal dinner!

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