Friday, March 7, 2014

Magical Mickey

I read a book recently (of course it was about surviving the toddler years) and there is one section that comes to my mind each day.  We all know that toddlers don't have a great sense of reasoning and sometimes they get attached to certain stuffed animals and/or blankets.  The author went on to explain that when a toddler gets attached to these types of things it is like that item takes on a magical-like quality.  It can soothe the toddler, make them feel safe, or just generally make them feel better about their surroundings.  She said that *you* too have to believe that these items have magical powers so that you can understand just how special they are to your toddler.

For Keaton, it's Mickey.  He takes his Mickey Mouse doll very seriously and has to cuddle him at night when we are reading our bedtime stories.  In the morning when I take him out of his crib if I leave Mickey laying there we have an immediate breakdown.  As soon as I get Mickey in his hands he is better.  Now when I look at Mickey I remember he has magical powers!

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