Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's so fun to think back on all of the crazy St. Patrick's Day parties we enjoyed before Keaton.  Oh, how I miss a Monday afternoon tent party!  Actually, I really don't miss it, and looking at this "cheese" face is so much better than people spilling green beer on me anyway!

The day started with me forgetting to put Keaton in green, but luckily he was going to Grandma's house so the kids wouldn't pinch him at school.  When we all got home we ate a quick dinner and I scoured Keaton's closet for a green shirt and we headed across the street to our neighbors for a party.  This is the only green shirt that Keaton owns!  I need to buy more green clothes for him.  We had a good time with the neighbors and Keaton and I headed home early to get him to bed.  I am milking his 7:00 p.m. bedtime as long as I can.  I know once he gets a little older that will change and he will start staying up later, but for now, he is in his crib at 7:00!

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