Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend recap!

The people that invented daylight savings time did not have a toddler!  Overall I would say that daylight savings time went well for our household, but I would definitely pass on the time change if I had a choice.  We didn't do much this weekend, but it was fun!   Drew and I spent Friday and Saturday evening finishing the series Breaking Bad and I'm so sad it's over.  What a great show!  On to the next Netflix series...not sure what it will be yet.

We woke up on Saturday morning and took Penny Lane to the vet for her annual vaccines.  Once we got home it was a quick lunch and nap time for Keaton while we started taking everything from the basement upstairs.  We are getting new carpet  in our basement tomorrow so it was time to do some early spring cleaning.  It's funny the things you will hold onto thinking that you may use it someday.  After almost 3 years of living in our house I haven't touched anything in our basement closet.  Time to purge!! Yes, we currently have a mess of a kitchen.

Saturday evening Drew grilled steaks and we opened an awesome bottle of wine.  YUMMY!! My mouth is watering right now while typing this.  Drew's parents got us a gas grill for Christmas and it takes no time at all to warm right up. We were used to the charcoal grill and it took forever to get hot.  The gas grill saves so much time and I see many evenings playing outside and grilling this summer.

We spent most of the day Sunday playing in the tent that Grandma and Grandpa Smith got for Keaton's 1st birthday. 

Here's to a quick work week and on to another weekend!

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