Friday, March 21, 2014

Bye, bye dead tree!

We had a huge tree in our front yard that has been dead since we moved in.  It has been losing its bark over the years and pretty heavy limbs were starting to fall off.  Leaves haven't grown on the tree for a few years as well.  It was pretty stressful every time the wind blew because we never knew if it was sturdy enough to stay in tact.  Let's just say we are so glad we removed it! The tree guy that we used told us he had no clue how it didn't fall over this winter with the heavy snow and strong winds.  Luckily we were able to save the smaller tree that was right next to it so our yard doesn't look completely bare.

I didn't get a before picture but here you see it is about half way cut down and there is still a lot more to go.  Pictures really don't do the size justice.  It was huge!!

Keaton was so excited to watch them and stayed at the window the whole time!

Here is our "after" shot looking from the sidewalk back to our house.  They were nice enough to stack some firewood for us to use later.  No more dead tree!

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