Thursday, March 6, 2014

Master bathroom update!

When we were looking for houses almost 3 years ago we immediately fell in love with our current house.  A ton of windows and natural light really had us loving the feel of this house.  The one thing we did not like is the fact that every single in every single nook and cranny (besides the ceilings) had yellow/gold paint.  The same paint color in every room.  Really, I swear!  Here we are on the day we moved into our new house.  Childless and carefree...haha!

When we were speaking with the previous owners of the house somehow it came up that every room was the same color.  To set up this story, we have a really great built in sound system thorough our entire house.  This is another reason why we loved the house so much.  Speakers built into every room with volume controls in each of the rooms as well.  Even the master bathroom!  Each of those speakers had trim around them.  The previous owner explained she picked the yellow color to match the outside of the speaker trim.  Drew and I just looked at each other and tried to hold back the laughs.  You mean to tell me that you picked out this color to match the very old, yellowing, off colored speaker trim instead of say, replacing the speaker trim to get it back to the original color of white, painting the trim white...or even better, painting the trim the same color you want to paint the room so they blend in.  Nope, she wasn't the brightest tool in the shed so yellow it was! 

I am happy to say that as of today there isn't any more yellow paint in our house!  Drew finished the basement this past weekend and that will be a post for another day.  I don't have many "before" pictures of the bathroom, but I did find these few that I took while frosting the glass windows on the french doors that lead into the bathroom.  See that yellow behind the doors. 

In all honesty it is not a bad color and had it been in a few rooms we may have left it as is, but when our eyes were burned by the yellow hue looking back at us in every room, we wanted to get rid of it all!  It took over two years of living with the bathroom paint to come to conclusion we wanted a shade of blue.  We love Benjamin Moore paints and we went with a color called Atmosphere.  I love how it turned out!!  Drew also framed out the mirror with a nice dark stain and everything came together so nicely!

It is so soothing and I love it.  Drew is such a great painter and we are lucky that we don't have to hire this type of work out.  What a great husband!


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