Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Basement paint

Before I get to the paint update, we got new carpet in the basement yesterday and I am so in love with it!! It makes the room look new and refreshed.  It is so soft on our bare feet and such an improvement over our old off white carpet that you see below.  We are putting all the furniture back into the room so I'll try to post after pictures that show the carpet soon. In the meantime I'll start with our basement paint update.   (these pictures are all with the old carpet)

Like I mentioned in a previous post our entire house was painted yellow when we moved in...the basement included.  I snapped some before pictures as Drew was prepping the room for paint so it's not in the best condition. (This is the future area of Keaton's playroom!)

We used a light grey that was also in Keaton's room.  It went on so great and gave the walls such a nice neutral feel.   Another thing to mention is Drew took down the hand rail that you can see in the above picture.  He is currently sanding it down and going to stain it a nice dark espresso color.

Those are some great pictures of the old carpet as well.  I'm beginning to want to spend all of our time in the basement now!  It's crazy how paint and carpet can give new life to a room!  Now we have to find a theme and ideas for Keaton's playroom area.  Pinterest here we come!

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