Friday, April 4, 2014

Toddler all the way!

Keaton is officially 19 months old and has welcomed toddlerhood with full force.  Most of the time he is a sweet little boy and every so often he will climb into my lap and give me a big kiss on the lips...those are the times I just melt and think he is the best boy in the world.  Then there are times like the other night when exhaustion took over his body and it was temper tantrum central!

Speaking of toddlerhood one of my friends posted an article on Facebook and it is so spot on and hilarious.  My favorite is number 16, because this used to be me.  (number 17 is pretty good too)  Happy Friday!


I was a dick about kids and parents when I did not myself have a kid. I was Judgey McJudgerson, judging you with my judgey-face. A crying kid on a plane would stress me out. I’d think — as do many other asshole adults — DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR CHILD. Having a kid now has, erm, softened that judgment. I admittedly still think some parents are way too disconnected from their children (and way more connected to their goddamn iPhones — “Hey, is my toddler in traffic? Candy Crush, bitches!”), but in general, I’m a lot more sympathetic because you can’t just “control” a toddler. They’re not a lamp you can move into the corner and turn on and off. They’re not even dogs. They’re tiny human beings with orangutan strength. I used to think, “Just physically control them, just put them somewhere, like in a drawer or something,” but toddlers do this trick where they either let all the tension go out of their bodies or they instead flail about like an unmanned fire-hose. Imagine trying to wrestle an angry octopus, and you get the idea.

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