Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little soccer star

I definitely have mixed feelings when it comes to Keaton getting into sports!  On one hand I can't wait to see him be a part of a team, play soccer, t-ball, etc. but on the other hand I see families that spend all weekend watching their kids play sports and am not looking forward to losing relaxing weekends!  I was involved in so many sports when I was little and so was Drew.  Soccer was Drew's favorite and I know that will probably be the first sport we get Keaton into.  We have a ball in the garage that he always wants to play with and we are teaching him to kick and not pick up with his hands!  I love watching Keaton run...he is so adorable when it gets going fast and he usually laughs and smiles so big!  I took way too many pictures of him the other day, but I couldn't help myself.  Enjoy the many stages of running (and falling)!

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