Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding the basket

One of my favorite memories of Easter is waking up in the morning to find the basket that the Easter Bunny hid for me.  My mom did great at hiding it and I specifically remember one time finding it in the laundry room in the dryer. Too fun!!  My mom and I shopped for goodies to put in Keaton's basket and found quite a few toys!  Gamma did a great job putting everything together.  Keaton's great-Nana crocheted that cute little bunny that is in the basket.  The bunny opened up and revealed a few more little toys!

We hid the basket under the table and in the morning we told Keaton that the Easter bunny left him some presents.  He knows what presents are so he started running around looking for them.   I don't think he knew what to think at first seeing the big basket under the table.  He quickly figured it out and wanted to get all of his new toys out!

It was a very successful Easter morning!

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