Monday, April 7, 2014

Daddy and Keaton weekend

I had so much fun visiting Lisa and Mike in Chicago, but missed my boys so much!!  Drew was so great about sending me pictures during the weekend of what they were doing.  They had a great bonding day on Saturday.  The morning was spent hanging out in the basement watching cartoons and playing.  This is the adorable picture I got that morning.

After Keaton got up from his nap he was still a little tired so they relaxed on the couch and watched the formula 1 race.

That afternoon they ventured out to the damn by our house.  They threw rocks at the water and chased the geese.   Keaton loved it!

I'm so glad to see that daddy/Keaton bonding weekend went so well! When I got home on Sunday afternoon it was during Keaton's nap time.  When he woke up I went in to get him and his face lit up with a huge smile.  When I picked him up he gave me a big hug and put his head on my shoulder.  It was so adorable and I loved it.  I will have my Chicago update on the blog tomorrow.  I had such a fun time!!

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