Monday, February 3, 2014

Radio Shack rocks!

I think my favorite commercial last night was the Radio Shack commercial.  It was hilarious to see all the 80's references and it brought back a ton of memories when Alf made his appearance.   I may have to pop into the store the next time I need some electronics!  Job well done Radio Shack!

The past few weekends we have stayed cooped up in our house because it was so cold, but not this weekend!  We had so much fun at cousin Caroline's birthday party.  I love Todd and Julie's house so much!  All of their finishes and furniture are amazing and I would choose the same type of things if we ever build a house!  Keaton is usually pretty shy, but he jumped right in and started playing with all the little kids.  Happy birthday Caroline!!

We got our cute fire truck raincoat on to go to the party.

The party was catered by the Copper Kettle and the food was so yummy.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and more!  Perfect for a cold winter day.  Keaton got to stay up a little past his bedtime of 7:00 and I was hoping that meant he would sleep in, but no luck.  6:00 a.m wake up call (really 5:45) came all too quickly.

Anytime I ask Keaton a question that starts with the word "what" or "where" he has started putting his hands up in an "I don't know" position.  I think he's been watching us pretty closely and it is adorable!

On Sunday we went to the neighbors house for a super bowl party and Keaton was so hyper.  I'm not sure what he is doing in this video, but it cracked me up.  I think he repeated this about 20 times before we left for the neighbors house.

I made bean dip to bring and of course found my inspiration on Pinterest.  I tried to make it look like a football field.  The layers are beans, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese, and guacamole.  I put some sour cream into a zip lock and made it into a pipping bag to draw the field lines.

It was a fun filled weekend that went way too fast!

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