Friday, January 31, 2014

Keaton's first snowman

We have had so much snow this winter it is crazy!  I am so lucky to work at my job and every year we get a 2 week vacation (on top of our already great vacation days!) over Christmas.  We closed this year from Dec. 20-Jan 6th.  I was supposed to go back to work on Monday the 6th but mother nature had a different idea!  It began snowing that Sunday and really didn't let up for a few days.  Not only was there snow there was negative temperatures with the windchill became very dangerous.  Most people couldn't even get out of their neighborhoods.  Most of the city closed down for Monday and Tuesday and then I had shortened hours on Wednesday.  The snow that started coming down was so fluffy and was great for making a snowman.

We got Keaton all bundled up with his snow suit, boots and snow gloves that are way too big for him and headed outside!

Penny absolutely loved running around in the snow and Keaton was cracking up at her.

Hi mom!

Cracking up at Penny!

We stopped short of making a really big snowman because it was cold and we were ready to go inside!

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