Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gamma's in town!

My mom came into town last week and we've been having so much fun.  Keaton loves her so much and lights up when she is playing with him!  She is crazy about him and they have such a cute relationship.  I'm a little late on our weekend update but we had a good one!

Started Saturday morning going out to Cafe Patachou which is my mom's favorite breakfast place.  We all love the cinnamon toast.  It is served on this amazing sourdough bread with butter, cinnamon and sugar...yummy!  I had the chicken sausage broken yoke sandwich.  I should have taken a picture when I got it but I just started digging in.

After breakfast, Drew took Keaton home and my mom and I went shopping! So fun! We went to Old Navy, Carters, and Costco.  We bought Keaton a ton of spring/summer clothes from Carters.  I can't wait until it warms up a little bit and he can wear his new clothes.  We got a ton of colored shorts and cute polo shirts.  

We got home from shopping and Keaton was taking his nap.  After he woke up we spent most of the afternoon playing and Drew's mom and dad came over to hang out and go to dinner.  We went to El Rodeo, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Keaton did so great eating the chicken nuggets.  I always used to laugh at the menu when I saw chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers, but now realize it is for the kids!  Although he pretty much devoured the guacamole.  Drew and I enjoyed the margarita's!

After dinner we all went back to our house and Keaton got his bath and some new dinosaur pj's.

We didn't do much on Sunday other than relax and play.  Gamma made a book tower and Keaton loved adding books to the top.  He would crack up after it would fall over.  Man, that Gamma is fun!

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