Thursday, February 6, 2014

January recap

January was incredibily cold and snowy!  We had multiple days of negative degree weather so we were cooped up inside for most of the month!  We had a few snow days so we were able to spend more time at home with Keaton.  It is incredible just how much he is learning and doing every day.  He is starting to imitate our words and is really trying to talk.  He isn't quite there yet, but can say a few words.  He has really been into giving kisses this month and let's mommy kiss him on the lips and even puckers up when I say "give mommy kisses!"  We are already wishing for spring and can't wait until we can go outside and play. 

Keaton has started climbing into his high chair when we tell him it is dinner or snack time.  He climbs everything in sight!  He also has started squealing when he gets really excited.  We were giving him a ride in his jeep around the house and when we would go really fast he would start screaming and laughing!  He is a dare devil already.  He has started saying ROAR when he looks at bears and tigers and still LOVES everything about Elmo!

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