Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby's room

My mom came for a visit and we got so much done with the baby's room.  We spent one day shopping with Drew's mom, Barb, and we got so much ordered for the room.  We are so grateful to have such excited new Grandma's!!  Thanks to my mom and Barb for making this baby's room so amazing!!

Drew spent the weekend painting and it looks so good!!  Here are some progress pictures. The colors are teal, gray and orange and the fabric will have cars on it.  I love everything!!! 

Getting started on beadboard

The ceiling is teal!!

Ceiling done, now to start on the gray!

Looks like he is having fun...haha!

Painting done!!  It looks awesome!

Crib, bookcase and fabric! 
The room is coming together so well! My next post will be on the unique light fixture we created!

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