Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas in California

We headed out to California for 10 days to visit family and friends over the holiday. The weather was so amazing!

Drew went golfing with my uncle Dave a couple days and had a great time.  They were beautiful courses!

After golfing we went to the Sharks hockey game with Dave and my cousin Terra-Lynn.  It was such a good game and it ended in a shoot out with the Sharks winning!

We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and step dad's family and exchanged gifts that evening. 

We woke up Christmas morning and drove to my uncle Dave's house to celebrate with my mom's side of the family.  Then we went to my dad's house and spent some time with my step family.  We went down to Monterey for lunch the day after Christmas and hung out by the ocean.  It was nice to see the beach!!

The night before we flew back to California we went to my friend Nikki's house for a party. It was so nice seeing my Theta friends from college!!!!

Nikki and I

Rachelle, me, Nikki, Jill, Teresa, Angela


  1. I love that dining room (mom's?)! The light fixture is awesome!

  2. I agree! The dining room is AMAZING!

  3. Yes that is my mom's dining room! It is fabulous!