Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting Machine!

When we moved into our new house we started our to-do list and it has grown everyday!!  The first big item we tackled was painting the trim of the outside of the house.  When I say "we" I really mean Drew...haha!

Drew is a painting machine! Here is a before picture.  The name of the paint color was actually called peach!  Not only was it peach, but they painted it a two-toned color with the peach on the inside trim and then a grey color on the outside trim.  If they would have just went with the grey it would have been great.

Here is Drew hard at work!! We picked a darker color that better matched the gutter color. 

Below are some after photos!

I love how the darker color really pops out and looks so crisp!  One item checked off the to-do list and closer to making this house feel like our home! Can you see all the trees in our backyard in the above picture?  One of them is starting to turn orange and I can't wait until they all change into red, yellow and orange leaves!  It is going to take forever to pick up all the leaves after they fall off the trees!

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  1. The house looks amazing!!! I love the new trim color. Good job Drew!